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    O'Donnells from Leabgarrow, Arranmore


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    O'Donnells from Leabgarrow, Arranmore Empty O'Donnells from Leabgarrow, Arranmore

    Post  to'donnellromano on Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:03 am

    Great Grandfather Frank O'Donnell(b.1840)[son of Hugh O'Donnell] of Leabgarrow and Eliza Boyle (b.1848)[daughter of Michael Boyle] of Arlands married 26 Feb 1870 at St Mary's Belcruit. Emmigrated to the USA on the Ethiopia along with their children including my Grandfather Edward (b.1880) in 1885 arriving in Castle Gardens NY. Settled in Drifton Pennsylvania. Edward married Isabella Carberry (b.1882) daughter of Charles Carberry of Donegal, Ireland and Catherine Boyle of Luzerne County Pennsylvania. Edward and Bella's children: Catherine, William, Mary, Edward and John. My Father,John (b. 1927) settled in Philadelphia and married Rose Mary Gallagher (b. 1932)[daughter of Peter Gallagher and Charlotte Fries of Donegal Ireland] of Philadelphia. I'm interested in learning more about my O'Donnell, Boyle, Carberry, Boyle ancestry. Anyone familiar with names or locations?

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