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    Toal Gallagher of Termon


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    Toal Gallagher of Termon Empty Toal Gallagher of Termon

    Post  to'donnellromano on Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:36 am

    From Termon: Toal Gallagher (b. 1845) son of Manus Gallagher and Mary O'Donnell married Anna (Nancy)Kennedy (b. 1855) Emigrated to the US with their children: Manus, Daniel, Mary, John, Patrick, James Joseph, Katie, Peter Paul, Alice. They settled in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. My Grandfather, Peter (b.1896) married Charlotte Fries of Kilmacrennan in Baltimore, MD. They lived in the Olney section of Philadelphia. They had eleven children: Peter, Mary Elizabeth, Ann, Michael, James, Jackie, Charlotte, Rose Mary, Katherine, Francis, and Rita. My mother, Rose married John O'Donnell of Drifton, Pa. There are still Gallagher cousins in Termon. I have my Grandfather's Gartan clay - he kept it to keep his home safe. Does anyone know of this tradition/superstition? Can you still get Gartan clay?

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