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This forum is for anyone who is from, or whose family or ancestors hail(ed) from Co. Donegal. The main points of this group are to meet and keep in touch with family and friends and collect and exchange family history information of families and towns.

    Greetings from Perth Australia


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    Greetings from Perth Australia Empty Greetings from Perth Australia

    Post  Pauric on Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:52 pm

    I'm Pauric, I have been living in Australia for the last 2 years and hail originally from Laghey in Donegal. So I've still got very very stong links to home Smile

    I have great pride in my parish and county and a few years ago I set up 2 websites for the 2 local villages

    I set them up to give people who originate from Laghey/Ballintra as well as visitors some basic information about the area as there is not much publicised about them online and Donegal in general.

    I receive a few requests every month querying relatives and family names and help out as best I can (my young age seems to be the issue ... i cant trace family names back far enough).

    I hope that this site can grow to become a comprehensive source of information for families, friends, and areas wirhin Donegal and I hope to help as many of you out as possibe.

    Big kudos to Annie for settings this up. If I can be of any help ... just say!

    Slán agus Beannacht

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