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    Family member emigrated from Killybegs area 300 years ago


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    Family member emigrated from Killybegs area 300 years ago

    Post  Laura on Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:50 pm

    My name is Laura Galliher. I live in Alaska, USA and I had travelled to Donegal, Ireland in 2007 to attend the Gallagher Global Gathering. Since then, I have done tentative research and found that my family may have come from the Killybegs area 300 years ago. There was a family that had at least one daughter and three or more sons. One son enrolled as a surgeon in the Royal Brittish Military, another son became a Catholic priest and the third son travelled across the Atlantic in the early 1700s. It seems the spelling of the name changed from Gallagher to today's spelling of Galliher. I am planning to return to Donegal to explore Killybegs and more of Donegal with another clanswoman in September 2010. Thank you - have a wonderful day!

    Laura Galliher

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