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    Percy and Claire O'Donnell from the Leffien!


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    Percy and Claire O'Donnell from the Leffien!

    Post  Eugene on Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:24 pm

    Hi my name is Eugene O'Donnell, my parents (Both sadly now deceased) were from Sheskinarone at the top of the Leffien Brae. My Dad was Patrick (or Percy as he was affectionately known) he was born in 1920, and raised by his Aunty Annie and her husband Owen (Onien) Bonner. My mother was Claire (Nee Bouchier) she was born in 1919 her family were from Arlands nr Burtonport.Mum and Dad were married in 1938 and had 6 children; Annie,Margaret,Mary,Patricia,Me and my youngest sister Dierdre.

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