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    Post  Maureen B. Morris on Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:06 am

    A Callaghan Hello from Maureen B. (O'Callaghan) Morris flower
    I was born in 1955 in the United States as the third child of Charles (Callaghan)O'Callaghan and Carmel(Leach)O'Callaghan. My dad was one of eleven boys born to William and Annie Callaghan. First was William in 1905, John, Frances, Dan, Patrick, XXX need name, XXX need name, XXX need name, Charles, Joe, and Henry. I am not so sure of the birth order and I don't have three names!. Dad didn't talk much about his family. When my dad first immigrated into Canada, the officials changed his name from Callaghan to O'Callaghan. He kept this name change, married my mom in 1950, they immigrated to the USA and became US citizens in 1963. I have six siblings. Liam , Ana(Rockwell), Patricia (Goudge), Kathleen, John and Carmel. Five of us do facebook. Dad's brother John Callaghan had no children, he immigrated to Toronto, Canada, marrying Mary Callaghan. But many more of these Callaghans did have children. I'll eventually know the names of my dad's other brothers and the current spread of our branch of the Callaghan family. I celebrate all of us! Smile flower

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