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    Hello from Woking in the UK


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    Hello from Woking in the UK Empty Hello from Woking in the UK

    Post  gallaghermcguinness on Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:18 pm


    I am the grand daughter of Mary Ellen Gallagher and Patrick McGuinness of Kilcar and Drumanoo respectively. They married on 2 July 1922 in New York City and my mother (Margaret Mary McGuinness) was born on 21 March 1923 in Killybegs. Mary Ellen died one week after the birth and my mother was brought up by Mary Ellen's sister, Margaret Gallagher. Some five or six years later Patrick retired from his post as a Crown Agen in Singapore and came home to Killybegs. He built a house called 'Wavecrest' which is still there. He married a Pearl Geogan and they had a son called Patrick on 6 Jan 1930. My grandfather died in Letterkenny Hospital in 1942? or 43?

    My mother is now 88 and is dyi8ng and I'm trying to find some relatives before she passes away - is there anyone out there who can help, either in Kilcar, Drumanoo or Killybegs?

    Many thanks

    Sue Dean

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